Founder's Story


Amazing Edibles wouldn't be amazing without this extraordinary, warm and inspiring woman so with our new look, we'd like to highlight Amazing Edibles' inspirational owner, Andrea Herrera. Maybe you have already met her or spoken with her on the phone. Andrea started Amazing Edibles as a home-based business 17 years ago and it's grown steadily. Her dedication, drive and love for the industry and the people who work for her have spurred its success. She's a leader by nature and her energy and nurturing support of the team make her an inspiration to us all. We take Andrea's lead when working with clients to make them feel important and well cared for which sets us apart from other companies in our industry.  


Andrea is a very busy woman! Her typical routine starts at 5 or 6am when she arrives at the office to check in with Chef Alexi and operations manager Yvonne.  She's in and out of the office most days. You may find her at her desk creating delicious proposals for her favorite clients; or showing prospective clients the virtues of doing business with Amazing Edibles at a tasting. She mentors other business owners through the Entrepreneurs Organization and is active on 3 boards of directors where she performs many functions. Away from work she loves spending time with her 15 year old son, Jake. Want to learn more about Andrea? She was featured in "Risk to Reward" a book released by the Entrepreneur's Organization in fall of 2010. You can also read her interview with Gary Stern for an online CNN Money article and even see Andrea in a video feature on MSNBC last winter.